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June 14, 2016



Everyone wants to loose weight without too much effort and here at Snehl home slimming services we exactly do that. Our trained professionals come to your doorstep with portable slimming equipments and make sure you loose weight effortlessly.

Technology used by our professional

Ultrasound Lipolysis ( U-Lipo)

What is U-Lipo:
U-lipo is the latest innovation in the wellness and fitness industry for fat reduction. U-Lipo uses a new Ultrasound Lipolysis & Tripolar RF based system, making it a painless and non-surgical way to get rid of excess cms/fats from the various parts of the body to get the body back in shape.
The Low Frequency Ultrasound technology of U-lipo allows a prefixed amount of energy to be focused onto the subcutaneous adipose tissue. As the ultra sound waves converge towards the targeted area, they accumulate at a certain point and produce the so called cavitation effect leading to mechanical breaking of the cellular membranes and the release in the inter-cellular fluid of the stored triglycerides, which are rapidly and naturally metabolised. The technological system is very selective as only the adipose tissue is being targeted and no other tissue is altered in the process. Treatment is available for the tummy, sides, hips, thighs, arms, saddlebag, calf, upper back, lower back, B-line, face and chin.
What is E.M.S.
E.M.S. or Electronic Muscle Stimulation is a revoluntionary muscle exercise concept for use in your own home. E.M.S. units are light weight, portable, and scientifically proven to exercise your body muscles fast and effectively.

Our E.M.S. units deliver a gentle impulse to your muscles via a soft rubber pad. Your muscles respond to this impulse by contracting and relaxing rhythmically as they would during regular physical exercise. Your muscles are worked without putting stress on your joints, knees, lower back, neck or shoulders etc.

E.M.S. has been used for decades by Doctors, Physiotherapists (for muscle rehab, and prevention of muscle atrophy etc.),
EMS have been designed for use by both men and women. These user friendly units take the hard work out of exercise, still allowing you to firm, tone, build up muscle and trim off those unwanted extra inches. You can do a complete body workout or you can just work on those problem areas (abdominals, love handles, thighs, buttocks etc.) You can accomplish all of this in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Heat blanket
The body are separate from three part .(Above body, lower body and waist) This product are make these three parts of body to loss weight separate. It can set up time and temperature.

Close range FIR with temperature control over the whole body, ideal and effective modern hi-tech system. The heat blanket uses intelligent control technology to maintain an even distribution of heat throughout the blanket and to warm the blanket from cold in a very short time. The sauna blanket has been carefully designed and manufactured to be completely safe for domestic use.



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