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June 13, 2016



Get Hospital like recovery in the comfort of your home

Service Charges:

  • 1 hour Rs. 400/-
  • 12 hours Rs. 1350/-
  • 24 hours Rs.2700/-

Why do you need in-home Nursing Care?

Snehl Total Wellness nurses provide an extended arm for help – for the transition from hospital to home care. Highly qualified with 5+ years of experience, the role of a nurse is not just limited to timely medication and meals. Snehl Total Wellness Nurse ensures quality care for specific intricate requirements like ICU at home, Pulmonary care, Brain stroke care, Post-surgical care, Palliative care, tracheostomy, urinary catheterisation care, wound care, injections, IV infusions, and more.

What our Services offer?
Your loved one can now receive trained nursing care at home, where available. In home skilled nursing can help your loved one live comfortably in their home, where that may be. Contact us today and see how skilled nursing services can help your and your loved one.

Visiting nurses
Medication set-up
Medication administration
Insulin injections
Wound care
Dressing changes
Catheter care
Ostomy/Colostomy care

General Nursing Care
Monitoring of Vital Signs
Cannula and Foodpipe Insertion
Enema Application
Bladder Wash & ECG

ICU care at home
Intravenous medication and IV fluid management
Tracheostomy care & ICD care
Ryles Tube Insertion and Feeding
Antibiotic Therapy, Hydration Therapy
Antifungal Therapy & Barrier care nursing
Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

Wound Care
Wound Dressing and Wound Culture
Stitch Removal and Drain Care
Diabetic and Vascular Wounds
Bed Sores and Post-operative Wounds

Palliative Care
Palliative Care for Terminal Conditions
Electrolyte Infusion/ Antibiotic Infusion
Parenteral Nutrition
Colostomy Care & Drain Care
Neutropenic Care for Low Risk Infections
PICC Line Dressing

Nursing care
Dialysis at home care
Care of A V fistula
Dialysis catheter management
Monitor daily intake output chart

Cardiac Care
Bipap and Cpap
COPD Management
IV Antibiotic Therapy
Pulmonary Rehabilitation|
Invasive Ventilator Care


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